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Membership in RSODU

To be a part of RSODU, please read the Constitution and then add us to your cocurricular transcript. This is VERY IMPORTANT because our cocurricular roster determines our funding, plus doing this makes you membership part of your official record here at ODU.

To add RSODU to your cocurricular transcript:

Visit your Cocurricular Transcript account.

Click "Create an Account" if you haven't already set up a cocurricular account for another campus organization.

If you already have a cocurricular account, sign in.

The main menu will open with four options: Student Organization, Other Involvement, Community Service, and Unofficial & Official Transcript Requests. Select the Student Organization Link.

Click Join a Student Organization.

Select the Student Organization you want to join ("Rhetoric Society").

Then click Join Organization. You will be automatically added to the organization's roster as a general member.

For a link to the national Rhetoric Society of America, please go to the links page.