ODU Homepage

kairos.jpgWelcome to the newly formed Rhetoric Society chapter
of Old Dominion University. As one of the nation's pioneering institutions in the the study of New Media
and Rhetoric, Old Dominion University is proud to host
a student organization dedicated to promoting these
fascinating and exciting fields of study.

As part of the national Rhetorical Society of America, involvement in RSODU offers students
of rhetoric an opportunity to participate in a
world-wide discussion about where rhetorical
studies has been, how it shapes us now, and
how rhetoric will shape the world in the future.

Here on RSODU's site, you can keep up to date
with upcoming events such as the Emergence(s) Symposium on Rhetoric (July 12-13) as well as the time and place of upcoming meetings.

For more information, please contact RSODU President Danielle Roach.